Feather & Extend Flooring

Match existing wood flooring and blend from room to room. Feather in to add adjoining rooms

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Extend & Feather

When removing walls, extending the flooring into adjacent rooms or additions, TMT Integrity Flooring, LLC skillfully matches the grade, color, and look and feel of your existing wood. Feathering and joining into the existing laid floor to bring the original flooring look to the expanded area. This attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship, is what TMT Integrity Flooring, LLC is all about. Creating solutions for flooring to respect the whole design of the home. We can add stress marks and make the new floor match the old in appearance, color and finish. Well, we do this by re-sanding the existing wood floors…Our flooring customers are astounded when they see how seamlessly we feather into an existing floor. We are also able to provide inch and a half width flooring, as many flooring companies have stated that it isn’t made or available anymore.